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Primary Services
Secondary Services
  • Bulk Faxing
  • Call Center Operating
  • Personalization    Gift Packaging

         ContMark is fast growing operating company in direct marketing performing for best Services offers in all type of marketing techniques and manage the contents and database for big corporate with many of our services we will put our clients goals closer to there hands and more easy to reach many of there needs ContMark is Direct marketing Company with a wide array of internet advertising and marketing consulting services to help small, medium and large businesses get qualified traffic to their business. We are specializes in latest technique of direct marketing from Email Broadcasting , SMSMMS Broadcasting , Forum , E-Campaigns , Personalized Mailing and Mailing groups , which is making very big and large effect in Proliferation. When you use our new marketing consulting services at ContMark, we measures your return on investment, ensuring that the marketing strategy that's implement on your business converts your business into more of what you are looking for.



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